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Star Wisdom and Rudolf Steiner

A Life Seen through the Oracle of the Solar Cross

David Tresemer With Robert Schiappacasse

396 pp.  
6" x 9"



Published:  November 2006


A gift was given you at your first breath—have you opened it? It came from the stars and impressed itself into you at your most vulnerable moment. In this introduction to astrosophy, or star wisdom, a science with ancient roots and modern relevance, David Tresemer shows how the patterns written in the heavens influence a person’s life. Taking as an example the remarkable life of Rudolf Steiner, Tresemer demonstrates the Oracle of the Solar Cross, whose four points interact throughout each of our lives to shape opportunities and challenges that our souls must face.

Architypal Solar Cross

Steiner spoke often of the “starry script” and hinted that, whereas its patterns impress themselves upon the human psyche, we can also influence this heavenly text, altering it in service of the continued development of humanity. Through stories from the life and examples from the work of Steiner as well as the “Star Brothers and Sisters” who share aspects of his Solar Cross, Tresemer illuminates this truth.

Rich in art and anecdote, this groundbreaking book gives insight into the foundations of Anthroposophy and shows how great acts, feelings, and thoughts by human beings on Earth shine out and impress their patterns into the cosmos.

From the book: “We are each meant to discover the connection from our individual soul to spiritual realities not encompassed by the normal senses, requiring supersensible perception. Images can offer powerful assistance.... However, we have forgotten about our own imagination, the creation of our own images. What was meant to be a balance between self-created imaginations and the enjoyment of others’ imaginations has become seriously lopsided.... We have become gluttons, even if unwilling gluttons, of images. The energetic body becomes fat while the soul starves. We are meant to feed the soul with our own realizations of its gifts. The personality and the soul feed each other, constantly.”

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