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The Esoteric Significance of Spiritual Work in Anthroposophical Groups

And the Future of the Anthroposophical Society

Sergei O. Prokofieff Translated by Simon Blaxland-de Lange

64 pp.  

Temple Lodge Press


Published:  June 2008


“The anthroposophical community seeks to lift human souls into supersensible realms so that they may enter the company of angels.” —Rudolf Steiner

Sergei Prokofieff traces the three stages of heavenly preparation of Anthroposophy—the “spiritual thunderstorm,” the Michael School in the Sun sphere, and the “imagination-based cultus” in the spiritual word nearest the Earth. These events involved the nine spiritual hierarchies, associating them with the karma of the anthroposophic movement.

The author goes on to elaborate the tasks of the Anthroposophical Society and indicates how these are connected with the spiritual hierarchies, the Michael movement, the Grail mysteries, the work of new group souls, and the "Foundation Stone Meditation." He shows that, in an esoteric sense, the General Anthroposophical Society was created so that people could learn to work with the gods.

This is a vital booklet for all those who care deeply about the future of the Anthroposophical Society and the proper evolution of humanity.

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