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2016 Steiner and Spirit Catalog

Writings on Spiritual Science and practical applications of Anthroposophy


44 pp.  
8 1/4" x 11"
Illustrations: In color




Our annual Steiner & Spirit Catalog is now available to order online. Simply add it to the shopping cart and it will be included with your order at no charge.

The 2016 Steiner & Spirit Catalog includes new and featured books, as well as excerpts from new and forthcoming books, including:

  • “Our building rises from peaceful thoughts and peaceful work . . .” from Rudolf Steiner, Life and Work: Volume 4 (1914-1918): The Years of World War I by Peter Selg
  • “Humor” from Leadership Development: Change from the Inside Out by Torin M. Finser
  • “The Representation of the Christ in Art” from Art History as a Reflection of Inner Spiritual Impulses by Rudolf Steiner

You can download this year's catalog in digital form by clicking HERE (PDF 6MB).

We hope you enjoy our catalogs.

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