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The Sun Seed

Jan Schubert

28 pp.  

Bell Pond Books


Published:  December 2007


“Early one spring morning, a little seed woke up after her long winter sleep. She yawned and stretched. With a loud CRACK her hard brown jacket fell away. 'Oh!' said the surprised seed. The earth above felt warm.”

. . . this was just the beginning of big changes to come.

The colorful illustrations in this book are made by the author from dyed wool fibers, felted together to create a solid piece of “fabric.” She employed a technique known as “dry,” or “needle,” felting, which requires a small hand tool called a felting needle with barbs along the shaft to catch the fibers as it pierces the surface of the wool and binds them together. Jan describes the experience as “painting with a needle.”

(Ages 3–5 years)

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