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Mani & Service

Classics from the "Journal for Anthroposophy"

Series Edited by Robert Sardello and Robert A. McDermott

136 pp.  




Means of serving in the world through spiritual science arose from the generous gifts of Rudolf Steiner. Such service requires ongoing inner development and presence to one’s soul life as the medium of service, creatively and spiritually.

Steiner was deeply aware and inwardly present to the reality of the spiritual tradition that inspires active service. The individual known as Mani, a third-century Persian mystic, and the spiritual streams that flowed from his teachings—the Cathars, Templars, and others—had the special purpose of "spiritualizing service," in that the spiritual worlds become the conscious wholeness through which we help others. Without the capacity to comprehend the nature of this wholeness and how to develop it, all of our attempts to serve can fall into mere functionality.

The articles in this volume (previously published in the Journal of Anthroposophy) present a picture of Manicheism, which Steiner held in high esteem. The authors discuss the long-forgotten cosmology and practices of Mani, which hold important seeds for the future; the inner capacities inspired by Manicheism that relate to serving others; caring for the wounded soul; being able to help others in the most selfless ways; and working through the heart. Mani & Service presents these articles together for the first time.

  • Robert Sardello, “Anthroposophy and the Spiritual Stream of Mani”
  • Rudolf Steiner, “The Cosmic Christ” (from a Christmas lecture)
  • Déodat Roché, “Cathar Tales: ‘The Man of All Colors’ and ‘The King of the Crows’”
  • Hilmar Moore, “Listening Space: A Conversation with Alan Lovette”
  • Andrew Welburn, “Manichean Writings”
  • David A. Pellegrino, “Love in Action though Interest, Empathy, Caring, and Kindness”
  • Thomas Popalowski, “Alcohol, the Family, and the Wound”
  • Déodat Roché, “The Cathars and the Platonists of the School of Chartres”
  • Albert Steffen, “Three Poems”
  • Andrew Welburn, “The Genius of Mani”
  • Cornelius Pietzner, “The Spiritual Heart of Service”

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