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More Precious than Light

How Dialogue Can Transform Relationships & Build Community

Babette Brown

160 pp.  

Hawthorn Press

Profound changes are taking place as people awaken to the experience of the Christ in themselves and in significant human encounters. As tradition fades, individual and social paths of growth emerge. These are helped by building relationships through helping conversations, through dialogue, through exploring heartfelt questions that can lead to liberating personal insights. This book shows how such dialogues can transform relationships and build community.

But real meeting and healing conversations take effort. There is light and darkness in encounter. There is sympathy and antipathy in relationships. Do we meet ourselves or the other? Margreet van den Brink, a social counselor with helpful insights into building relationships, shows how true encounter can be fostered. Such work may be strengthened by healing powers, which help open up the space for community building.

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