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Honorable Work

A Process for Achieving Success & Satisfaction in Your Work

Tim Anstett

192 pp.  

Lindisfarne Books

We all long for a sense of our true vocation — a confirmation that through our work we are not simply involved in providing for our own needs but that we are contributing in a meaningful way to a greater whole that benefits the community at large.

And yet the world of work today is in crisis — a crisis of management, of quality, of service. Many people feel alienated from their work. Lack of fulfillment in the work place, a sense of not being recognized or valued for one’s unique contribution, lead to feelings of discontent and unhappiness that translate into lack of commitment and interest toward one’s work, poor-quality relationships with colleagues and employers and, ultimately, decreased levels of productivity and problematic customer relations for the company.

Honorable Work offers an antidote to these negative trends and demonstrates in a practical, down-to-earth manner how success and satisfaction in the workplace can be achieved. Based upon the work of STRIVE (Success Training in Vocal Expression), it uses techniques and methods that have demonstrated their effectiveness in workshops and seminars with a variety of business organizations since 1984. Based upon the premise that We receive honor for what we do when we first give honor to it, Honorable Work consists of four steps — Commitment, Ownership, Communication, and Integration.

Anstett carefully explains all these stages and demonstrates how they can be realized through the practice of a variety of simple yet potent exercises that can bring about a shift in our entrenched attitudes and affect even our physical posture and the manner of our speaking. The pursuit of Honorable Work is an ideal yet achievable goal that restores authenticity and integrity to one’s work and promotes positive interpersonal relationships not just at work but in life in general.

Honorable Work will prove to be a vital and stimulating resource manual for all those actively involved in helping to improve the quality of our professional and corporate life.

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