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Transforming Earth, Transforming Self

12 Lectures

Carlo Pietzner

224 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"


Published:  December 1996


The development of consciousness, the intimate relationship between the physical world and higher worlds, and the power of the word as a transforming force are recurring themes in these talks by Carlo Pietzner. He explores the inherent attributes of sulfur, iron, salt, and calcium, which serve as essential elements in the development of a human being. Important thresholds such as the moon node and the inner and outer experiences of dawn and dusk further illustrate how we evolve in time. The themes are woven together and enlightened through an intensive study and reflection on the word and its transformative power, especially as used in Rudolf Steiner's Calendar of the Soul.

This collection addresses contemporary issues, such as efforts toward inner balance, a more spiritual understanding of everyday occurrences, our relationship to time, speaking and thinking, and the struggle for meaning and purpose. We see here the depth and breadth of Carlo Pietzner's deep interests.

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