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Love and the World

A Guide to Conscious Soul Practice

Robert Sardello

224 pp.  

Lindisfarne Books


Published:  April 2001


Drawing on images of the Grail legend and myths of Sophia—she who is called the Soul of the World—Sardello develops approaches to intelligence of the heart, the world significance of grieving, the transformative power of radical receptivity, re-enlivening the senses, the creative power of dreaming, and a new basis for relationships.

Based on a synthesis of C.G. Jung’s writings on the nature of soul, James Hillman on the work of soul making, and Rudolf Steiner on the formation of a spiritual culture, Love and the World establishes a ground of hope for the new millennium, as well as a radically fresh direction for psychology—one concerned with what we can be, rather than what has influenced us from the past.

Robert Sardello, author of Facing the World with Soul, offers an immensely human approach to the soul we share with one another and with the world. Love and the World is vital reading for anyone who wishes to explore the riches of spiritual psychology.

This is an updated and revised edition of Love and the Soul.

Reviews & Endorsements:

Suppose that soul is not yours or mine, but rather a quality in the world that we enter into? What if soul has a connection with the current of the future that has been largely overlooked, and each human individual is the living, loving connection between soul and the future of the world?

In his fourth book, Love and the World,* Robert Sardello debunks all popular notions of soul (he has been known to say, "It's not a pet that we care for,") and shows why it is essential to include the world in our notion of soul.

What is felt in the new millennium as an emerging, urgent turning toward soul is, Sardello contends, a calling for us to realize our capacities as creators in the world. In order to do this, we must discover what it means to love.

"True self-love is an activity without an object. Living individuality [sic] is living ever increasingly into the world with immediate perception uncategorized by concepts from the past; it follows that loving is the same as being ever more aware of the world as activity in which the I is engaged."

Through Sardello's eyes, the mythological Grail stories make a picture of the possible future of the human being. "Each of us already is the Grail. We just have to realize it." The future is a soul-filled, timeless activity that we engage in by consciously practicing love, which is the essence of our being. Grief takes on new meaning when Sardello explores it as the activation of conscious soul life.

New-Agers will appreciate the depth of his understanding of the etheric body and its relationship to the physical body, the ego, and to the living being of Earth. The book shows how the heart is actually an organ of perception, discusses soulful relationships (my favorite chapter), and introduces a way of working with dreams that emphasizes not content but the creative dreaming consciousness.

If you only read one book on love, make it this one.

Review by Sheridan Hill, a spiritual journalist who has studied Robert Sardello's work for three years.

* Actually, a thoroughly revised and updated edition of his third book, Love and the Soul: Creating a Future for Earth. His other books include Facing the World with Soul and Freeing the Soul From Fear.

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