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Search for Your Self

Pathways to Personal Growth

Patricia Sherwood

256 pp.  
5½ x 8½

Floris Books




Personal growth—self-help—is one of the fastest growing “industries” in the world. But with so much help available on a multitude of bodily, mental, emotional, and spiritual processes, the natural question is: How can I decide which kind of self-help is right for me?

Patricia Sherwood analyzes such paths as counseling, drugs, psychics, and meditation. Her approach is based on psychological research and theories, as well as Rudolf Steiner’s holistic model of the human being and the thresholds of consciousness. She looks at individual case studies and asks such questions as: Am I more present in my daily life: in body, mind and spirit? Am I empowered to shape my destiny? The positive and negative outcomes of each are discussed.

Search for Your Self is a practical book for anyone considering options in the confusing world of self-exploration.

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