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The Good Sleep Guide for You and Your Baby

Step-by-Step Guide to Good Sleep for Babies

Angela Henderson Foreword by Sally Goddard Blythe

112 pp.  

Hawthorn Press




Does your baby wake and cry for you at night? Is it hard getting your young child to sleep at bedtime? If so, then here is a good night’s sleep for you and your baby!

This tried and tested guide will help you resolve your child’s sleep problems. One third of parents with babies aged six months are woken up between one and eight times a night; yet you can prevent this situation happening with this sleep training program.

Packed with medically approved methods, tips and practical suggestions, The Good Sleep Guide includes an easy-to-use quiz to assess whether your baby has problem; a systematic sleep program for your baby; a sleep diary to monitor progress; and useful resources, including contacts and addresses.


  • What Is "Sleeping Through"?
  • Do We Have a Problem?
  • Six Keys to Good Sleep for You and Your Baby
  • Where Should My Baby Sleep?
  • Preparing for a Baby Sleep Program
  • Baby Sleep Program
  • Results and FAQs
  • Sleep Diary
  • Resources and Contacts

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