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Teaching the Animal

The Social Sciences

Edited by Margo DeMello

256 pp.  
7" x 9 3/4"

Lantern Books


Published:  July 2010


Teaching the Animal: The Social Sciences is a pioneering collection of original writings that detail the challenges and opportunities in developing a course in the social sciences in a burgeoning new area of academic study: Human–Animal Studies (HAS). Leading academics from anthropology, geography, law, psychology, social work, and sociology provide a comprehensive overview of the state of their disciplines, the philosophical and practical issues involved in discussing the intersections of human and nonhuman animals in society, the resources available to instructors, and the expectations of students and faculty before, during, and after teaching such a course.

In addition to sample curricula and syllabi that offer a wide variety of methodologies and insights for teaching the particular subject, each chapter comes with a detailed filmography and extensive bibliography. All these make Teaching the Animal: The Social Sciences the definitive handbook for teachers of HAS at undergraduate and graduate levels.

This book is a companion to Teaching the Animal: The Humanities. The contents of this book are included in the comprehensive volume Teaching the Animal: Human–Animal Studies across the Disciplines.

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