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Ginger Nut

Illustrated by Chani McBain and Joanne Nethercott

32 pp.  
8 ¼ x 10

Floris Books




Calum McGregor is a blond boy in a family of redheads. His mum and dad have red hair, his big sister and brother have red hair, his grandpa had red hair before he went bald, and he even has a cat called Ginger.

Calum is fed up with being the odd one out, so he takes matters into his own hands and decides to make his hair ginger. He tries eating carrots, drinking Irn-Bru, and coloring his hair with felt tips. He even puts his poor cat on his head! But all his hair-brained plans fail. Is Calum destined to always be the odd one out? Or will he learn that there’s more to life than being “ginger”?

(Ages 3–6)

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