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Spiritual Turning Points of South American History

Luigi Morelli

324 pp.  
6 x 9

Lindisfarne Books


Published:  October 2011


This volume follows the blueprint of its North American counterpart, Spiritual Turning Points of North American History. Whereas that volume follows the foundation of the Popol Vuh, this one retraces Andean myths from the Titicaca region and from later Inca tradition.

Myth and history are placed side by side in an approach both scientific and imaginative that documents the correlation between prehistorical and historical periods, as well as the spiritual events that ushered them in as narrated in Andean myths and legends. Myth and historical records reinforce each other, contrary to commonly held assumptions that tend to devalue indigenous myths.

All of this is placed within the perspective that the more modern spiritual-scientific research of Rudolf Steiner has brought to light, particularly in relation to the events that took place in Central America two thousand years ago, about which he alone has spoken.

The first part of this research looks at events that closely accompany the turn of our era. The second part of the work addresses the cultural revolution undertaken by the Incas a century before the Spanish conquest. The overall result shows a thread of spiritual continuity that continues to play an important role in South American culture.

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