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Violence in the Workplace

Raymond B. Flannery

208 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lantern Books




"We must assume responsibility for own safety and prepare for the unthinkable. Read this book. Apply the principles.
Patti R. White, Ph.D.

"Overall, this book is a welcome edition to the growing body of workplace violence literature. Flannery's approach is useful because it simplifies a complex issue."
Security Management

"Raymond Flannery, through his books, articles, and talks, offers common sense, practical ways to begin work on a long-standing problem. His work is heartily recommended to the reader for its clarity, brevity, and relevance."
Journal of Health Care Safety, Compliance, and Infection Control

"This is an outstanding book, deceptively brief, elegantly written, balanced in its analysis, and clear in its recommendations.... Read it, heed it, and teach it. It could save a life."
Psychiatric Services

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