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Mind over Marriage

Transforming Your Relationship Using Centering Prayer and Neuroscience

P. Gregg Blanton

216 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lantern Books


Published:  April 2012


If we want to resist the urge to blame our spouses for relationship difficulties, where do we start? According to Dr. P. Gregg Blanton, that place is no further than our own minds.

In this innovative book, Dr. Blanton presents an entirely new model for exploring the interconnections between minds and marriages by using a synthesis of scientific research and Christian contemplative thought. Through real-life examples, we come to understand how the mind ordinarily works and how these mental functions affect our marital relationships, from unions that are just starting out to those suffering from the strain of work and other responsibilities. But there is hope: we can retrain our minds through contemplative thought, namely Centering Prayer and the six skills and abilities—stillness, attention, openness, letting go, union, and love—that grow out of its practice.

Using case histories and exercises at the end of each chapter, Mind over Marriage offers practical application of these skills, leading to the development of desirable behavioral traits such as calmness, attunement, and trustworthiness. This novel approach for helping couples restore balance to both their minds and marriages shows us how to use our brains to their fullest capacities, and how to return love to the center of our relationships.

"Seldom do good science and good spirituality come together so well—to support good relationships besides! We are learning that emotional sobriety does not come about without the help of some form of the contemplative mind. Well, here is a good teacher of all of the above." —Fr. Richard Rohr, O.F.M., Founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation and author of Immortal Diamond

"With clarity, logic, wisdom, and kindness, P. Gregg Blanton wraps his arms around you and your loved one and brings you together in a divine embrace. Step by step, he builds a foundation of understanding to help you enter into relationships with more safety, trust, and confidence. In each chapter of this easy-to-digest book, he shows you the way toward more wholesome intimacy in your life. The powerful skills this book teaches will help me and my wife in our marriage. I believe it will do the same for you." —Joshua Ehrlich, Ph.D., Chairman of the Global Leadership Council and author of Mindshifting

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