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Monty Waldin's Best Biodynamic Wines

Monty Waldin

272 pp.  
6" x 9"

Floris Books


Published:  May 2013


Richly textured, vibrant chardonnay; mouthwateringly deep pinot gris; caressingly soft shiraz; opulent, forthright champagne. Monty Waldin, wine expert and star of Channel 4's Chateau Monty in the UK, shows us what is so wonderful about biodynamic wine in this indispensable guide for wine drinkers.

Monty explains why grapes grown on vines that really connect with their soil, that are not sprayed with standard fertilizers and pesticides, make wine with intense, well-defined flavor—wine that truly tastes of where it's from.

Under each style of wine, Monty profiles the best biodynamic vineyards, with snippets of their individual histories and practices, and suggests wonderful wines to sample and savor.

Monty writes with the easy authority of his extensive experience, having visited vineyards on every continent during his twenty-year career. His friendly, approachable style will bring reading and drinking pleasure to connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

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