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The Pornography of Meat

Carol J. Adams

192 pp.  
6" x 9"
Illustrations: 200 black & white

Lantern Books


Published:  March 2015


How does someone become a piece of meat? Carol J. Adams answers this question in this provocative book — her most controversial since The Sexual Politics of Meat — by finding insidious, hidden meanings in the culture around us.

With 200 illustrations, this courageous book establishes why Adams's slide show, upon which The Pornography of Meat is based is so popular on campuses and is reviled by the groups she takes on with insight and passion.

"Is meat consumption linked to physical and sexual violence? Feminist, vegetarian, and activist Adams thinks so, and in 16 provocative chapters she tells us why... Even readers who do not share Adams's views should find themselves challenged and perhaps enlightened by this unique work."—Library Journal

"By taking her material out of its usual context and rearranging it in 16 themed chapters, Adams seeks to disrupt what is taken for granted about images of animals and women, and to expose the ideology that she argues underlies the presentation of both. Her approach is frequently exhilarating.... The book is highly readable, her material often eye-opening."—Times Literary Supplement

"I challenge anyone to try and put the book down after flipping through it — it's imposible."—VegNews

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