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Dilatato Corde

Volume 5, Numbers 1 & 2, January-December 2015

Edited by William Skudlarek

242 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lantern Books


Published:  April 2016


In 2011, Dialogue Interreligieux Monastique—Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (DIMMID) launched Dilatato Corde, an international, multilingual journal to record, reflect on, and examine interreligious dialogue at the level of spiritual experience.

Dilatato Corde (literally, "with an expanded heart") provides a medium for monastic men and women—as well as for spiritual seekers from different backgrounds and religious traditions—to share the ways interreligious dialogue has expanded their hearts. It also publishes scholarly, peer-reviewed articles on the philosophy, theology, and history of the dialogue of religious experience.

Dilatato Corde is an online publication housed on the organization’s website, At the end of each year a selection of that volume’s testimonies, reflections, reports, and studies are published as a book. This is the fifth volume of the series.

“Among the articles in this issue, we call attention to three that highlight the contributions of Henri Le Saux (Swami Abhishiktananda), Edmond Pezet, and Ramon Panikkar to the dialogue of spiritual experience and practice. Even before Vatican II, the lives and writings of these three pioneers of inter- and intra-religious dialogue clearly demonstrated the value and importance of recognizing, preserving, and promoting the spiritual values of other religious traditions.” —William Skudlarek

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