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Future Dawning

Awakening in America (A Spiritual Fantasia on World Themes)

Glen Williamson

260 pp.  
6" x 9"


Published:  September 2016


“A masterly and original artistic metamorphosis, daring throughout,
yet contained and congruent with respect to its spiritual context.”
Dr. James Dyson, Anthroposophic physician (retired)
and psychologist. Cofounder, Park Attwood Clinic

“This mighty work offers room for hope in our troubled, challenging,
sometimes encouraging, but so confusing times. I stand in awe.”
Signe Eklund Schaefer, Founding director,
Center for Biography and Social Art and author of
Why on Earth?: The Practice of Human Becoming

“A deeply penetrated and highly authentic rendering of potential
karmic developments among the characters of Rudolf Steiner’s
four mystery dramas.”
David Fairclough, Country Representative
Anthroposophical Society in Ireland

“The language pulls me in. A powerful message. I feel great things
will come from this play. I hope it’s produced worldwide.”
Shelter Somerset, author of Between Two Worlds

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