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Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Loch Ness Mess

Book 4

Alan Dapré Translated by Yuliya Somina

6 1/4" x 7 3/4"

Floris Books


Published:  July 2017


Porridge the Tartan cat (it's a long story involving a tin of tartan paint!) and the twins, Isla and Ross, have been dragged to Loch Ness where Dino Dad is hoping to dig up some pre-historic bones. But when a magic wishing bone transforms Dino Dad into a real-life dinosaur, he's mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster and captured by a Nessie-hunter!

Can they prove Dino Dad isn't really Nessie and save him from the dastardly Fergus McFungus? Join Porridge and the twins on this dino-tastic, Nessie-riding romp around Scotland's most famous loch. What a Loch Ness mess!

In this zany new series for young readers, Porridge purrfectly CAT-a-logs the family's hilarious adventures from a cat's-eye perspective. With wacky twists, silly word play and meow-nificent illustrations in every chapter, readers won't even want to paws for breath.

(Ages 6 - 9 years)

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