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Claire McFall

320 pp.  
5 1/8" x 7 7/8"

Floris Books


Available:  November 2017


Dylan has escaped a horrific train crash unscathed ... Except she hasn’t. The bleak landscape around her is not Scotland. It’s a wasteland haunted by wraiths searching for human souls.

And the stranger waiting for her isn’t an ordinary boy. Tristan is a Ferryman, tasked with transporting her soul safely to the afterlife, a journey he’s made a thousand times before. Except this time, something’s different.

Torn between love and destiny, Dylan realizes she can’t let Tristan go, nor can she stay with him. Eventually, inevitably, the wraiths would capture her soul and she would be lost forever.

Can true love overcome the boundaries of death?

Ferryman is a thought-provoking and truly original story of a love that refuses to be limited by death. This stunning, award-winning debut novel is being reissued to coincide with the publication of the eagerly anticipated sequel, Trespassers.

(Age 15 and up)

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