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Top-Secret Grandad and Me

Death by Tumble Dryer

David MacPhail

176 pp.  
5 1/8" x 7 3/4"

Floris Books

A dead body has disappeared from the school library. Where did it go and what do diamonds, blackmail and dodgy launderettes have to do with anything? Dead bodies don’t usually appear in the library of a Glasgow primary school—or disappear for that matter.

Since his dad literally did a vanishing act (he is a magician), Jay Patel has become a wannabe detective, and now he has a top-secret sidekick—his grandad.

You’d think a ghost grandad could help solve mysteries. Unfortunately, if there was a “being a good ghost” exam, Grandad would fail spectacularly—he won’t walk through walls, he can’t touch anything, and he’s rubbish at haunting.

Can Jay (and Grandad) solve the case of the vanishing body? And what do diamonds, blackmail, and dodgy launderettes have to do with anything?

David Walliams meets Agatha Christie in the first book of a new laugh-out-loud, weird-and-wacky mystery series for younger readers by the author of Thorfinn the Nicest Viking.

(Ages 8 to 12 years)

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