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Songs and Dreams

By seeking we are found

Neill Reilly

146 pp.  
6" x 9"

Lindisfarne Books


Published:  June 2017


“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” (Psalm 95:7–8)

There is a correlation between waking experiences in a sleep state and inner experiences in a waking state. Both involve awakened consciousness. The hundred-plus songs and thirteen dreams in this volume are halting attempts to put into words inner events that are experienced in a waking consciousness. Inner experiences are filtered into images, ideas, and feelings, which are then translated into words. This derivative process condenses activity into words.

The polar opposite process must happen for you, the reader. If these words resonate when read, they then recreate images, ideas, and feelings. In this way, it is possible for the writer and the reader to experience a very similar inner activity. The creative process of each reader has a life of its own. Ironically, as individuals we create our own unique inner activity, which can lead to a universal experience.


  • All of life comes down to either Alleluia or Non Serviam.
  • All the heavenly hosts of angels
  • want to sing Alleluia with you.
  • They want to sing through you.
  • This is the song of creation.
  • All the dark forces want you
  • to shout Non Serviam.
  • They want you to stay caught,
  • imprisoned in your ego.
  • This is a decision you must make
  • every day, every minute.

Spiritual activity is incense

  • Spiritual activity is incense,
  • rising to the heavens.
  • Spiritual activity declares our existence and location to spiritual beings
  • including the so-called dead.
  • Spiritual activity is a buoy.
  • It creates a marker for where we are.
  • Once the spiritual world knows we exist and where we are,
  • it can shower grace upon grace upon us.
  • Spiritual activity is the free act that connects us to the spiritual world.
  • We are open and the spiritual world fills us up.

  • By seeking, we are found.

The Spiritual World Is Transparent

  • The spiritual world is transparent.
  • It is invisible to the physical eye.
  • Just as we don’t see air,
  • we don’t see the spirit.
  • Like air, it is everywhere there is life.
  • Without air, we die.
  • Likewise without the spirit, we die.
  • We don’t see light.
  • We see because of light.
  • We see through the light.
  • We see and breathe through the gift of the spirit.
  • We live and breathe in the spirit.
  • The spirit is transparent to us.
  • Yet it is the source of all being.


  • You are the film,
  • I am the image.
  • These words are My reflections through you, the film.
  • Become transparent.
  • Allow Me to impress My image upon you.
  • Become a medium for My word.

  • A fine book, illuminating and serious.

    “This is a remarkable and very impressive book. Mr. Reilly is a lifelong student of philosophy and Rudolf Steiner and his poetry provides a spiritual autobiography of a serious philosopher and Christian. He has provided significant dreams which illuminated his life at various times, which in counterpoint to his poetry (they are often psalms in the most important sense) provide an illuminating and instructive whole.

    “As he has lived, so does his poetry, and the insights provided there, develop. Read the book from cover to cover, and feel the depth of this man's spiritual quest and discovery. Like all good poetry, this book provides the reader with an intuitive illumination that goes beyond the text itself. They are psalms, parables, insights and glimpses into the marvel of our lives and existence. The reader will go back often to certain phrases and poems, and most especially the dreams.

    “I recommend this book without qualification. It is the distillation of a serious man’s lifelong quest for truth and enlightenment, to which any thoughtful Christian will respond with delight and gratitude.” —Charles D. Wick

Cover image by Neill Reilly: Candles in the Cathedral Nostra Signora dell’Orto, Chiavari, Italy.

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