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The Art of Thinking

Mieke Mosmuller

120 pp.  
6" x 8"

Wynstones Press




For most people, intelligence is a much-loved gift and capacity that inspires pride. In schools it is usually one of the first things for which children are examined through diverse tests that measure one's intelligence quotient (IQ). Moreover, human intelligence is currently the standard for developing and measuring artificial intelligence (AI)—in particular, the Turing test, developed by Alan Turing in 1950.

Regardless of how ingenious artificial intelligence may become, it is not remotely possible that technology as we know it will fully replicate human intelligence. The simplest human thought processes require innumerable sequences of decisions, which would need to be formulated for technological intelligence. On the other hand, it is possible for machines to reach answers in less than a second to questions that might require a whole lifetime for a human being to resolve.

However, in areas of spiritual development, intelligence is not generally acknowledged as essential. Some spiritual paths and individuals hold the view that intelligence and logic must be abandoned if we wish to penetrate the deepest wisdom of existence.

In this book, Mieke Mosmuller begins to prove the contrary. Intelligence is the mind itself, and by activating the mind—with the sole purpose of this very activity—intelligence demonstrates its own spirituality. We don’t need a high IQ, though its level does rise as a result of such activity. Moreover, we do not need faith; this, too, will emerge through such activity. The only thing we really need is the discipline to dedicate our time to intelligence—twenty minutes or so, twice each day.

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