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Conversation Amoureuse

Jacques Lusseyran

148 pp.  
8 1/2" x 11"




"The nature of love between a man and a woman. Jacques Lusseyran was a lover of love. Thanks to him we learn not to confuse love with the beloved person, nor with happiness. If we do not begin to love love, we risk losing it; that's why it is urgent to try to know it right into its most carnal forms. Already it forsakes us in pushing us toward two extremes: a never attained ideal or pornography. The modern man and woman are responsible for its future; they have to help it be born to itself. It is an urgent and difficult task because—let's not hide it—love is threatened.

"Conversation Amoureuse may well prove to be among this century's most consequential writing concerning the mysteries of love. For here, we have something entirely new, something completely unspoken before.... These days, with the men's movement and the upsurge of feminism, it is altogether too easy to forget that it is really possible—and actually a necessity—for the sexes to reach deeper understandings of love by deeply listening to each other." —Robert Sardello

"A glowing text on love. A sparkling of the soul. A walk on the body. A raying out of the spirit. Love is not to be taken, it is to be given. One wants to seize love, it is somewhere else, always somewhere else, far from where one seeks it. It is a surprise which enchants because it is never where we want it to be. . . . " —Athys Floride, Anthroposophical Society in France (from the preface of the 1990 French edition)

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