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The Rhythmic Power of Water (2nd Edition)

John Wilkes

8" x 9 1/4"
Illustrations: Color and black & white

Floris Books


Published:  May 2019


What is the true nature of water, and does it have memory?
By working with the rhythm and flow of water, can we increase its life-giving power?

Water is not only fundamental to life but is essential for the cycles and changes in nature. John Wilkes asserts that water is the universal bearer of whatever character we put into it. Consequently, the way we treat water is crucial to our own health and to the well being of the planet as a whole.

Working with his remarkable invention, the Flowform, Wilkes uncovered many mysteries of water and, in the process, created an art of great beauty. His lifetime of applied research into rhythms and water, fully revealed here for the first time, has startling implications for such topical issues as farming and irrigation; food production and processing; water treatment and recycling; and health and cosmetic products.

The author includes a history of Flowform research as well as the most important, up-to-date developments in this research around the world. He also includes informative appendices on metamorphosis, Flowform designs and applications, and the scientific and technical aspects of Flowform research.

Flowforms is a groundbreaking, lavishly illustrated book, revealing both the beauty of Flowforms and their broad range of applications.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Rhythm and polarity
1. Water and rhythm
2. Rhythm and flow: the water cycle
3. Metamorphosis

Part 2: Discovering the Flowform
4. Experimenting with water
5. Discovery of the Flowform Method
6. The Flowform and the Living World

Part 3: Applications and Research
7. Järna: the first major Flowform project
8. The next generation of Flowforms
9. The Metamorphic Sequence
10. Research with Cascades
11. Flowform related developments
12. The Flowform throughout the World
13. Present and Future

1: Metamorphosis
2: Flowform types, designs and applications
3: Scientific and technical aspects
4: Virbela Rhythm Research Institute

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