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The Two Jesus Boys

And the Messianic Expectations of the Essenes

Christoph Rau Translated by Alan Stott and Michael Stott

166 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Temple Lodge Press


Published:  August 2019


The two contradicting genealogies of Jesus in the Gospels have puzzled biblical scholars for centuries. Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research led him to the controversial theological conclusion that there were two Jesus boys born into two holy families. The two boys, he says, were necessary for the spiritual preparation of forming a suitable human body for the incarnation of Christ into the earthly life. Both apocryphal texts and the writings of the Essenes (discovered at Qumran near the Dead Sea) now seem to support this view, with references to messianic figures from both royal and priestly lines.

Various authors have developed Rudolf Steiner’s observations—first presented in the early twentieth century—although much of the literature lacks rigor, accuracy, and serious scholarship. The Two Jesus Boys is not merely a derivative rehash of previous publications; rather, it offers a fresh investigation of primary sources, coupled with an objective determination that allows the facts to speak for themselves. Christoph Rau thus reaches the unavoidable conclusion that Rudolf Steiner’s chronology of the two births needs revision. Further, the most recent discoveries and interpretations of Essene scrolls reveal that the Jewish sect expected not one but three messiahs.

Rau quotes from and analyzes numerous documents from the landscape of early Christianity and Judaism. His findings provide a secure foundation for the historical existence of two Jesus boys in the prelude to Christ’s incarnation on Earth, as well as a revelation of the Essenes’ long expectation of three messiahs.

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