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The Kingdom of Beautiful Colours

A Picture Book for Children

Isabel Wyatt Illustrated by Sara Parrilli

32 pp.  
11" x 10 1/4"
Illustrations: Color

Floris Books


Published:  October 2019


Once upon a time, a wonderful rainbow shone brightly over the Kingdom of Beautiful Colors, telling the king and his children that all is well. The yellow cornfields were full of grain to feed the people, lush green meadows nourished the animals, and blue forests were abundant with lumber to build homes and fires.

Before the king begins a long journey, he entrusts each of his children with a part of the kingdom—each with its own rainbow—so they will learn to rule the land with wisdom and care.

Three of the siblings work hard for their parts of the kingdom and keep their rainbows bright, but the youngest prince quickly tires of his responsibilities. When a cunning imp offers to do his work for him, the lazy prince foolishly trusts him and agrees.

Will the young prince learn the value of hard work and discover that shortcuts have consequences? Or will his rainbow be forever diminished?

The Kingdom of Beautiful Colours is a heartwarming, inspiring picture book adaptation of the much-loved tale from master storyteller Isabel Wyatt, accompanied by soft, ethereal watercolor illustrations by Waldorf artist and teacher Sara Parrilli.

(Ages 4 – 8 years)

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