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Colour, Healing, and the Human Soul

Understanding Colours and Using Them for Health and Therapy

Gladys Mayer

68 pp.  
5 3/8" x 8 1/2"

Rudolf Steiner Press


Available:  January 2020


In this delightful study, the accomplished artist and teacher Gladys Mayer explains that color is the very substance of the soul. Just as the body is made up of mineral, water, air, and warmth, the soul is made up of color. This is revealed in the emotions of sadness and joy and the many shades between that are expressed in human language as, for example, “seeing red,” “feeling blue,” “rose-colored glasses,” and “jaundiced view.”

Mayer discusses the basis of color theory and its methodology, as well as the importance of color in everyday life and health. It is as fundamental to the soul as air is to the body. By increasing our awareness of the spiritual laws of color, we can acquire a balanced and enriched life of soul. Color can be a healing force in our life, enabling us to tackle the deadening, colorless aspects of our mechanized technological civilization. Based on the work of Rudolf Steiner, which she studied intensively for many years, Mayer offers an approach to color that is of value to painters and artists, as well as anyone interested in psychology, health and healing, spirituality, and personal development.

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