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Cast the First Stone

Ethics in Analytical Practice

Edited by Charlie Pye-Smith

168 pp.  

Chiron Publications




  • Who or what is really being served when an analytic relationship turns sexual?
  • How can health best be restored to an impaired analyst?
  • Do analytic training relationships teach overfamiliarity?
Sixteen internationally known Jungian analysts examine the psychology of professional and not-so-professional patient relationships. Their thought-provoking essays will force you to pause, reflect, and question a little more before passing judgment.

Codes of ethics evolve over time and may be different from culture to culture. Among the authors that add depth and understanding to current views of moral and ethical dilemmas are: Verena Kast from Zurich, Fred Plaut from Berlin, June Singer from San Francisco, Rosemary Gordon from London, and Lena B. Ross and Ann Belford Ulanov from New York City. Other authors practice in Israel, Italy, South Africa, and the United States.

In the introduction to this collection of position papers, the editors write:
Everyone was talking about ethics in analytic practice, but always from the somewhat narrow perspective of who had been reported to have done what to whom, and what, in a behavioral sense, should be done about it. It seemed to us that in the fury of the contemporary discourse, the one uniquely Jungian aspect was missing, that is, the symbolic attitude.

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