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His Life and Work

Barbara Hannah

380 pp.  
6 x 9

Chiron Publications




This full-scale study of Jung's life and work is written by a close student, friend, and associate of more than thirty years. It is a lucid, penetrating account of his career, stressing the essential wholeness of the man and tracing the difficult path that led to that wholeness. From his earliest years to his death, through the crowded inner and outer events of his long ifetime, Hannah presents a view of the real Jung, not the creature of legend and cult. She treats his theoretical apparatus as well as such personal matters as his relationship with Toni Wolff and his supposed flirtation with Nazism. Here we see Jung's humanity and his genius as a "navigator of the unconscious."

Reviews & Endorsements:

Of particular significance is the way in which the author draws on her personal knowledge to elucidate certain controversial issues and myths.... She records all she knows about them, providing hitherto unpublished information of note.... Her comments provide an authentic source for future biographers.... Honest, warm, and human. ...Fascinating full-scale study of Jung's creative life and striving toward psychological wholeness. A sympathetic yet perceptive book which shows how Jungian psychology flowed from Jung the person.

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