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The Man and the Symbol

Gustav Dreifuss and Judith Riemer

160 pp.  

Chiron Publications




Abraham the man was God's chosen one—chosen to impart the belief in one God to a pagan society and to bring forth a new nation in the Promised Land. Abraham the symbol shows that we all have a mission if we will heed the call from the voice of Self. The Israeli authors' application of Jungian thought adds to a deeper understanding of the father of Israel and Judaism.

Abraham's relevance today extends far beyond the Jewish, Christian, and Moslem people and religious historians. His journey symbolically shows all people the personal and collective meaning in the story of every life.

Like Abraham, individuals interested in spiritual growth must connect their human condition to something higher. Abraham, as interpreted through the Jungian viewpoint, provides guidance in the struggle for meaning, answering God's call, the courage to sacrifice, and communicating with God.

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