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December 15, 2012

Is it is important for spiritual science and the work of Rudolf Steiner to become better known in the world?

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Those who are familiar with the way that university presses and other publishers of specialized books function already know that book sales, regardless of cover prices, rarely support the day-to-day operating expenses of those publishers. University presses generally receive grants and subsidies from various foundations and educational institutions, whereas the ongoing success of SteinerBooks depends mainly on the generous support of those who share our recognition of the tremendous value that the works we publish offer to the material and spiritual worlds. Add to this the fact that books are increasingly bought used, which does not support the publishers or the authors.

Financial gifts from our readers are vital to the success of SteinerBooks and to publishing the works of Rudolf Steiner and other authors on Anthroposophy, as well as a wide range of relevant literature on matters of spirit, cultural renewal, Waldorf education, anthroposophically extended medicine, biodyanmic agriculture, artistic

There are two important ways that you can help. The most direct is to make a donation to SteinerBooks, either through this website or by mailing a check, which is always tax-deductible. The other way is to buy directly from SteinerBooks, which maximizes the impact of your purchase by returning a greater percentage of what you pay back to the press, thus contributing toward the day-to-day expenses of SteinerBooks and supporting future publications.

You may have noticed the Support SteinerBooks item in our main menu. It is another way that we can remind our readers and offer encouragement to help support SteinerBooks through our website.

Do you have questions about how your gift will be used? Read an open letter from Gene Gollogly (our CEO at SteinerBooks) entitled "What Lies behind Our Fundraising Appeals, or How Our Finances Work" (PDF file). In it, Gene describes our funding sources, where the money goes, and what we hope to accomplish for the future.

It is easy to support our mission of making Anthroposophy more widely know in the world. Go to the Support SteinerBooks page and click on the button. You will have an opportunity to choose a secure and convenient way to give whatever amount you like by using a credit card or PayPal. It's that simple. Or click anytime on Support SteinerBooks in our main menu. The generous support of readers like you is greatly appreciated and, of course, always tax-deductible.

If you wish to send a donation the old-fashioned way, you may send a check to SteinerBooks, 610 Main St., Gt. Barrington, MA, 01230. You may also call (413) 528-8233 or send email to to learn more about ways to help.

"What Lies behind Our Fundraising Appeals, or How Our Finances Work" (PDF file).

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Your help is appreciated.