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Bernard J. Garber

Bernard J. Garber (1919-1994) grew up in New York State, the oldest of three children. He did not finish college, but he was a natural thinker and philosopher, and even at twenty-four, he led study groups on Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom. He was dedicated to making Steiner's works available in English throughout North America and, in 1959, founded Rudolf Steiner Publications in New York City with Paul Allen. He published numerous volumes on Anthroposophy, as well as on other areas of Western spirituality, and, from 1960 to 1963, published the anthroposophic journal, Free Deeds. Later, he started Steinerbooks, an affiliate of Multimedia Publishing Corporation under the auspices of Rudolf Steiner Publications. Bernie Garber continued throughout his life to publish and promote the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Books by Bernard J. Garber :

An Esoteric Cosmology

Evolution, Christ & Modern Spirituality (CW 94)
Revised and Updated by SteinerBooks


The Spiritual Human Being (CW 79)
Introduction by Bernard J. Garber

Shards from the Heart

A Spiritual Odyssey in 20th-Century America