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Athys Floride

Athys Floride was born in 1920 in French Guyana. After elementary school, he attended the Lycée Félix Eboué, where he earned a baccalaureate. At age 18, he moved to Morocco and joined Charles de Gaulle's Forces françaises libres, and was trained as a fighter pilot in the legendary British Spitfire, but the war ended before he could go into combat. After the war, he studied philosophy and taught in French schools and colleges. He was an anthroposophist for many years and helped initiate the Waldorf movement in France. He also founded a center for anthroposophically oriented special education. In his final years, he maintained a connection with Spain, where he participated as an advisor and teacher in Waldorf teacher-training seminars. Athys Floride died in 2004 in France.

Books by Athys Floride :