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Pietro Archiati

Pietro Archiati was born in 1944 in Brescia, Italy. He studied philosophy and theology and worked for many years as a Catholic priest. Following a decisive encounter with the work of Rudolf Steiner in 1977, he worked as a teacher in a seminary in South Africa. Since 1987 he has worked independently as a freelance lecturer and author for a regeneration of humanity through a modern scientific awareness of spiritual beings and realities.

Books by Pietro Archiati :

From Christianity to Christ

Christianity as the Essence of Humanity
in Rudolf Steiner's Science of the Spirit

Giving Judas a Chance

The Visions & Venture of Weaving Many Lives

The Great Religions

Pathways to Our Innermost Being

Money Matters—but so Does Trust!

From an Economy Based on Money to an Economy Based on Human Value

Reincarnation in Modern Life

Towards a New Christian Awareness

Spiritual Science in the Third Millennium

Intellectuality versus Anthroposophy
Translated by Pauline Wehrle