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Martin Large

Martin Large lectured in management and organizational behavior, including organizational development, education management, and postgraduate research supervision. He works as a facilitator, coach, and publisher with Hawthorn Press, as a writer, lecturer, and action researcher with two national land reform programs. He has enabled action learning groups in business, the community, and educational organizations for many years. He became a Churchill Travelling Fellow in 2003 and chaired the Community Land Trust National Demonstration Project (University of Salford, U.K.) from 2007 to 2009. Martin is current chair of Stroud Common Wealth, a social enterprise and land trust enabler. He has written three books.

Books by Martin Large :

Common Wealth

For a Free, Equal, Mutual, and Sustainable Society

Free, Equal and Mutual

Rebalancing Society for the Common Good

The Future of Childhood

Alliance for Childhood Articles

Set Free Childhood

Parents' Survival Guide for Coping with Computers and TV