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Martin Large

Martin Large lectured in management and organizational behavior, including organizational development, education management, and postgraduate research supervision. He works as a facilitator, coach, and publisher with Hawthorn Press, as a writer, lecturer, and action researcher with two national land reform programs. He has enabled action learning groups in business, the community, and educational organizations for many years. He became a Churchill Travelling Fellow in 2003 and chaired the Community Land Trust National Demonstration Project (University of Salford, U.K.) from 2007 to 2009. Martin is current chair of Stroud Common Wealth, a social enterprise and land trust enabler. He has written three books.

Books by Martin Large :

Free, Equal and Mutual

Rebalancing Society for the Common Good

Common Wealth

For a Free, Equal, Mutual, and Sustainable Society

The Future of Childhood

Alliance for Childhood Articles

Set Free Childhood

Parents' Survival Guide for Coping with Computers and TV