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John Wilkes

John Wilkes studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art. While in London, he met the mathematician George Adams and later Theodor Schwenk, a pioneer in water research and author of Sensitive Chaos. In 1961 Wilkes joined the Institute for Flow Sciences in Herrischried, Germany, and his research over many years into the flow and rhythm of water eventually led to the Flowform Method in 1970. He worked concurrently at the Goetheanum in Switzerland, researching and restoring Rudolf Steiner’s sculptural and architectural models. In 1966, he began contributing at Emerson College in Forest Row, Sussex. He is currently director of the Virbela Rhythm Research Institute.

Books by John Wilkes :

Energizing Water

Flowform Technology and the Power of Nature


The Rhythmic Power of Water

The Representative of Humanity

Between Lucifer and Ahriman