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Charles Tidball

Charles S. Tidball was born in 1928 in Geneva, Switzerland. A scientist and a doctor, he has multiple degrees: an M.S. in Pharmacology, a Ph.D in Physiology, and an M.D. For many years Dr. Tidball was Professor and Chair of the Department of Physiology at George Washington University, which in 1992 designated him professor emeritus of computer medicine and neurological surgery. He was also a pioneer in computer-based instructional and information-retrieval systems. Since his retirement, he has served at the Washington National Cathedral and has dedicated his considerable energies to writing, including a book written with his wife and two colleagues, Taking Women Seriously: Lessons and legacies for Educating the Majority. Dr. Tidball has been a student of Rudolf Steiner since 1948, and Jesus, Lazarus, and the Messiah is his first book in the area of spiritual science.

Books by Charles Tidball :

Holy Visions, Sacred Stories

Realities from the Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

Jesus, Lazarus, and the Messiah

Unveiling Three Christian Mysteries