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Herbert H. Koepf

Herbert Hans Koepf (1914-2007) was a hands-on farmer in Germany who went on to receive a PhD in agriculture, specializing in soil science. In 1962, after the death of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, with whom Koepf had worked closely, he became director of Pfeiffer's biodynamic research laboratory in Spring Valley, New York. In 1970, he moved to Emerson College in the UK to run the annual biodynamic agriculture course until 1990. He lectured widely and was head of the Agriculture Section at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. His other books include Research in Biodynamic Agriculture: Methods and Results (1993).

Books by Herbert H. Koepf :

The Biodynamic Farm

Agriculture in Service of the Earth and Humanity

Companion Plants and How to Use Them

Introduction by Herbert H. Koepf

Koepf's Practical Biodynamics

Soil, Compost, Sprays, and Food Quality

Readings in Goethean Science