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Gerhard Wisnewski

Gerhard Wisnewski, born in 1959, studied political science. Since 1986, he has worked as an author and documentary filmmaker. In 2003, he made the first critical television documentatary on the attacks of September 11, 2001, in a large worldwide broadcast. His books in German include: Operation 9/11; Mythos 9/11, and Das RAF-Phantom. His film Das Phantom, based on the book, was awarded the Grimm Prize in 2000.

Books by Gerhard Wisnewski :

The Bilderbergers - Puppet-Masters of Power?

An Investigation into Claims of Conspiracy at the Heart of Politics, Business, and the Media
Translated by Johanna Collis

One Small Step?

The Great Moon Hoax and the Race to Dominate Earth from Space