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Sharita Star

Sharita Star, a native of Upstate New York, graduated with honors from SUNY Oneonta with a B.S. in Theater. Arising from an early interest in astrology, the writings of Linda Goodman influenced Sharita to interconnect and interpret astrology, numerology, and lexigrams together. She has been consulted as an astrologer by People online magazine about TV shows and has been a guest on radio shows. She hosts What’s Your Sign? I Have Your Number!, which discusses the intricate link of astrology and numerology with special guests and through the profiles of featured talents. In 2001, Sharita founded her business, Sharita's Star Secrets (visit, which provides various levels of readings for private and party settings. She has also established the Star Learning Series, whereby she educates souls of all ages about the power of our mighty planets above through her art and educational classes. In addition to studying the stars, Sharita has performed with the New York Metro Mass Choir and has had guest appearances on ABC's Good Morning America, was featured in O magazine, and has released two soul-stirring CDs. She currently resides between New York City and Upstate New York.

Books by Sharita Star :

It's All in the Name

The Hidden Power within Words