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Shelley Sacks

Shelley Sacks is an international practitioner of social sculpture, working in connective practices, exploring the relationship between imagination and transformation, and rethinking responsibility as an ability to respond. She regards her long-term collaborative projects—such as Exchange Values, University of the Trees and Earth Forum—as “instruments of consciousness” and flexible frameworks that link inner and outer processes. Her work includes more than forty “actions,” site works, installations, and social-sculpture projects. She has written essays and books and is involved in grassroots cultural and political organizations. She facilitated social-sculpture processes during the 1970s and ’80s in South Africa and collaborated with Joseph Beuys for more than a decade in the Free International University. Shelley is Professor of Social Sculpture and Director of the Social Sculpture Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University at Oxford. The ATLAS is one of several collaborations between Shelley Sacks and Dr. Wolfgang Zumdick.

Books by Shelley Sacks :

ATLAS of the Poetic Continent

Pathways in Ecological Citizenship