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Robert Radifera

A life and career in photography may have been destiny, but it was not always in my plans. Everything changed for me, a former Economics major, during a year abroad in Paris, France, with a photography class I took during my junior year in college. Imagine my parents’ surprise when I called them in the States to announce that I had found my passion: that I was, in fact, an artist with a penchant for photography – and one who loved working with people as well. In an age of digital photography, I meld computer skills and an eye for intimate, natural moments. I love capturing real life moments: a father seeing his daughter in her wedding gown for the first time; parents adoring their newborn baby, or siblings being silly together. I believe that the job of a photographer is to create an image that depicts emotion, whether that emotion is joy or sorrow. My images tell a story – a process that starts with getting to know my clients early, and making myself available to them from the moment their contract is signed. Many consider my style a quiet, laid-back approach, which helps my subjects’ natural personalities shine through. Always dedicated to a perfect celebration, I freely share referrals of other expert vendors with my clients. My interior work has been published in several magazines including Romantic Homes, Small Room Decorating, Washingtonian, Spaces, Home and Design, Traditional Homes Kitchens, and Spectacular Homes. In 2012 I was the official photographer for the renowned DC Design House, and have had the pleasure of being the official photographer for the Charlottesville Design House for the last 5 years.

Books by Robert Radifera :

How to Create the Star of Your Family Culture

The Heaven on Earth Workbook
Photographs by Robert Radifera