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Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur

Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur was born in 1953 in The Hague, where she attended the Waldorf school. After working and studying for some years in a variety of anthroposophic institutions, both in the Netherlands and in Germany, she emigrated to Canada, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in classical Greek, as well as a college diploma in piano technology. She worked as a piano tuner/technician, both for private customers and in the Faculty of Music at Western University in London, Ontario, tuning and rebuilding pianos. Now retired, she continues to make toys and other objects from native and exotic hardwoods. She also is an avid amateur musician. With her husband, she supports various anthroposophic groups and initiatives. Recently she has embarked upon a new venture—that of writing, editing, and translating.

Books by Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur :

The Ten Commandments in Evolution

A Spiritual-Scientific Study
Translated and Edited by Agnes Schneeberg-de Steur
Foreword by Virginia Sease