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T. J. Coles

T. J. Coles studies the philosophy of neurology and cognition at the University of Plymouth, UK, with reference to the aesthetic experiences of the blind and visually impaired. He is director of the Plymouth Institute for Peace Research (PIPR), editor and coauthor of Voices for Peace and author of The New Atheism Hoax (2015). His political writings have appeared in several periodicals. He is also a columnist with Axis of Logic and was shortlisted in 2013 for the Martha Gellhorn Prize for journalism.

Books by T. J. Coles :

Britain's Secret Wars

How and Why the United Kingdom Sponsors Conflict around the World

Fire and Fury

How the US Isolates North Korea, Encircles China, and Risks Nuclear War in Asia

The Great Brexit Swindle

Why the Mega-rich and Free Market Fanatics Conspired to Force Britain from the European Union

President Trump, Inc.

How Big Business and Neoliberalism Empower Populism and the Far-right

Voices for Peace

War, Resistance and America’s Quest for Full-Spectrum Dominance
Edited by T. J. Coles