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Ernst Kreidolf

Konrad Ernst Theophil Kreidolf (1863-1956) was born in Berne Switzerland, the second eldest child of the Kreidolf family. In 1879, he began an apprenticeship as a lithographer in Constance, where he also took drawing lessons. The sale of his lithography Taegerwilen helped finance his artistic education at the Munich School of Arts and Crafts. Ultimately, he became best known for illustrating children's books about flower fairies and other little folk. In 1922, Kreidolf became a member of the Berne Art Society and of the committee for new acquisitions for the Kunstmuseum in Berne. The following year, a large solo exhibition was shown at the Kunsthaus Zurich, and in 1933 he showed an extensive retrospective at the Kunsthalle Berne.

Books by Ernst Kreidolf :

The Gnomes' Winter Journey

Author and Illustrator Ernst Kreidolf