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Yvan Rioux

Yvan Rioux was already a keen naturalist as a boy, taught by Christian Brothers and Franciscans. He studied biology at Université de Montréal, but it left him cold as it didn’t touch anything living. Working for ten years as a biodynamic farmer in Quebec, however, he encountered living ecosystems. Later, in Montreal, he taught on the relationship between human physiology and nature. In 1992 he moved to England with his two boys and joined a family of two girls and their mother, Gabriel Millar, who became his muse. Retiring ten years ago, he decided to write about his knowledge gained from twenty-five years of teaching experience, culminating in the publication of The Mystery of Emerging Form.-->

Books by Yvan Rioux :

The Mystery of Emerging Form

Imma von Eckardstein’s Drawings of the Constellations: A Biological Perspective

The Seat of the Soul

Rudolf Steiner’s Seven Planetary Seals