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Enzo Nastati

Enzo Nastati is the principal director of The Eureka Institute, Codroipo, Udine, Italy. He has been a biodynamic farmer for more than forty years and understands from a deep and dedicated study of Rudolf Steiner’s work that the biodynamic agricultural method was always intended to be developed and fortified to meet changing demands of time. Mr. Nastati’s work has been recognized around the world where he lectures, consults, and conducts continuing research. Spurred by his observations of extreme decrease in plant vitality immediately following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 1986, he began researching and developing preparations and application techniques to further meet the demands of our time. His work addresses the difficulties presented by electromagnetic fields, radioactive pollution, industrial pollution, water quality deterioration, GMOs, and other harmful effects of modern technology.

Visit EUREKA: Ricerca e Soluzioni Globali (site in Italian).
Google "dimensione-eureka" and click "Translate this page."

Books by Enzo Nastati :

Basic Biodynamic Agriculture in 9 Meetings

Translated by Eric Hoyland

Interpretation of Jesus Christ's Gospel According to St. John

Text Translated from Ancient Greek and Commented on from a Spiritual-Scientific Point of View
Translated by Jessie Melison